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Poem of a great night [Jun. 20th, 2006|02:38 pm]
[My DEEP emotion |accomplishedaccomplished]
[Tune of the moment |Mindless Self Indulgence - Grab the Mic]

Adventure Music starts playing "dum da da da dum dum dum dum"

Alienating Our.. Hmm?

"There was a day when the groups came together
And the music played all night
I grabbed myself a beer
Tried not to pick a fight

I took a shot
And realized I'm drunk
The lights turned off
And I really sunk

Starting to prepare
Palms getting all sweaty
The excitement raised up
And I knew I was ready

To watch again
For the seventh time
The greatest band ever

The band started playing
People thrown side to side
Jimmy Urine was performing like an old show
And I couldn't believe my eyes

Moshing in the Pit
I saw many friends
Was I too drunk?
Well that all depends

By the middle of the show
I tried to catch my breath
Maybe I needed a bath
But then I saw my friend Steph

I found all my friends
And gave them a kiss
Cause this was a party
Me and my friends didn't miss

After the show
We were all spent
And this band was
More than a compliment

We departed from the show
And I sarted to sigh
The show was over
But I wasn't gonna cry

Which show was best
I couldn't decide
Wait.. what the fuck am I saying!?
It was MSI!!!"
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House is broken into [Apr. 28th, 2006|06:26 pm]
[My DEEP emotion |depresseddepressed]
[Tune of the moment |The Dreaming - Let It Burn]

I just had a lot of things stolen again... This time they got a shitload. I just bought a new PS2 from the last one being stolen.. but now this one was stolen along with all of my dvd's(40-50), 5 PS2 games, DDR Dance Pad, my $700 acoustic, $600 bass guitar, and my Akira comic novel that Eliza got me. *looks down* I don't do anything to anyone and people take advantage and even STEAL from me. I don't know why people think it's alright to do things like this. Plus my laptop was sitting in the middle of the floor. I filed a police report.. but I'm not even sure how much of this I can get through House Insurance.. I might be able to get my screen on my laptop fixed and enough money to get a couple dvd's.. but I'm really not sure what I'll get back.. *shakes head* I have enough problems as it is and now this shit happens... *sighs* Why can't people just leave me alone?
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(no subject) [Apr. 28th, 2006|06:26 pm]
[My DEEP emotion |pessimisticpessimistic]

ColorQuiz.com TevinisEmo took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

"Needs a peaceful environment. Wants release from s..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

I wouldn't agree with everything that's on this. But most of it kinda hits the nail on the head.
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Things on my mind. [Apr. 24th, 2006|01:15 am]
[My DEEP emotion |discontentdiscontent]

Well.. first off I'd like to talk about how people are nowadays. I don't know why.. but I'm upset by realizing certain things about people. Some people you just thought you knew.. and they changed.. for you or to be a better person. Later on finding out they were never really that person and they seem like such a horrible person now. *sighs* The main point is.. the person you thought was one of a kind and so unbelievable was never really that person. How do I put this in plain English. There's one particular person that I thought had it in them to be so kool, badass, but yet so sweet and perfect. You find out way later that the person was only like that for so long after meeting you. Like they changed for you.. and then to find out that there old ways were nothing alike. The person goes back to what they were and it seems like they're a monster and the person you thought was perfect was just a vision.. just a dream. like that side of the person will never exist again and can't have it back that way. I mean.. I'm glad that person's happy and all.. but it's just such a dissapointment. If you truely know me.. you should know who I'm talking about. So much hate and self-absorbtion *shakes head* No one should ever be that way. Why go out of your way just to piss people off and think it's the koolest thing ever? I mean sure.. it's all about you bein happy.. but does it really hurt to be kind to others? I thought I taught them better than that.. but I guess it didn't do anything at all. I wish things were the old way. I can't help but want to try and do more for this person.. but the fact is.. it is impossible to even speak to them nowadays cause of the way they are now. After all is said and done.. FUCK PUNK MUSIC FOR MAKING PEOPLE THE WAY THEY ARE.. as much as they will disagree with me saying.. it's not the whole punk lifestyle or music that makes me the way I am. Yeah.. fuckin bullshit. I just wish certain things didn't exist anymore cause of the way it affects people. I've been depressed about shit like this.. but I just play off the happy person as always. People in the world just sadden me..
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OH GOD!! [Apr. 4th, 2006|02:39 am]
[My DEEP emotion |amusedamused]
[Tune of the moment |Twisty Straw Conspiracy - Punch-Love]

All I have to say is watching Cartoon Network was the highlight of my night. I was watching Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos! and the greatest quote ever was said..

We have breached the dike!
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... [Mar. 17th, 2006|12:10 pm]
[My DEEP emotion |frustratedfrustrated]
[Tune of the moment |Gravity Kills - Guilty]

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One big announcement [Feb. 27th, 2006|02:42 pm]
[My DEEP emotion |accomplishedaccomplished]
[Tune of the moment |Apartment 26 - Basic Breakdown]

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March shall kick ass! [Feb. 19th, 2006|12:33 pm]
[My DEEP emotion |excitedexcited]
[Tune of the moment |Dir en Grey - Obscure]

So I just went up to Kent yesterday. It was pretty fun. I got to Verder Hall and looked at Lisa's one outfit for Rock the Runway. It looked neato. We headed over to Veal and had a cig with Allison, Pam and a couple others. We chilled in their room and Allison let me try some of her homemade chinese food. I didn't know what was all in it but it was really good. I found out it was Tofu. ^_^ I like tofu! After chill for a while we went back outside for another cig. I told them how I'm having a Party Monster themed party in about a month. I'm giving them time to design an outfit for it. It's gonna be a lot of fun. March is gonna be so sweet. First there's Rock the Runway on March 1st. Then there's NIN in Erie, PA. Then going to Cananda, Niagra Falls to drink with my sister and a few others, then """Dir en Grey!!!!!" on March 21st in NYC. I can't wait. March is gonna be a fuckin sweet month. Well for now I'm gonna try and get ahold of Joel so I can continue to record and mix his acoustic song. It's sounding pretty good so far. Well that's it for now... Laterz
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Heh.. yeah [Jan. 11th, 2006|02:59 pm]
[My DEEP emotion |amusedamused]

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Have at least one orgasm per hour.

Get your resolution here

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It's about that time when things start to downfall.... [Jan. 5th, 2006|06:34 pm]
[My DEEP emotion |numbnumb]
[Tune of the moment |Revolver Project - Falling(rough)]

I'm not in the best of moods... things haven't been so good these days. After having a few parties so many things have just sucked. A lot of my stuff has been stolen. I've been cleaning and cleaning the basement and after that someone else comes over and just trashes it again. I'm sick of all this shit. I'm laying down some fuckin rules. I will always be keeping the side door locked for now on. If anyone wants to come over they have to come through the front door. Plus I don't want so many people just helping themselves to whatever the fuck they want. I'm not a free resteraunt or some bullshit. I'm really sick of people walking all over me and abusing their priveldges. For instance.. people just leave their shit all over the place, don't through anything away, don't fold blankets when done using, ash all over my carpet which is fucking disgusting, knocking over drinks on my just cleaned carpet, etc. I'm putting an end to all of this shit. My house and my shit will be respected.. especially me! I can't keep track of where anything is. I just found out that someone stole my PS2 and all of my fucking games. The wire on my new speakers that I payed $170 for.. the cord has been ripped and the connector is broken which is hardwared straight to the speaker so the whole 2 speakers and sub won't work now. Half of my dvd's are stolen and the ones that aren't are all scratched laying all over the place with beer spilled all over them. With the past few days I've been trying to record Joel and Josh's band for a demo so they can play at places like Peabodys but obviously some of the members are half-assing it and if people won't cooperate when I'm doing this for free then it's just a lot of agravation and tension for no fuckin reason. I haven't gotten back to a couple of people which is my bad.. I've just had a lot of shit on my mind so for whoever feels that I've avoided them please don't take it personal. I'm just trying to get my shit together. Besides all of this shit I have a problem with someone I like but can't bring up cause it would start way to many problems. I can't have it interfer with certain things either. So that's been driving me insane. Loneliness is whatever.. not that big of a deal. I mean everyone gets it from time to time. I guess it bugs me seeing so many people get with people and these guys.. all they want is to fuck them and have a good sexual time. Now I think that sexual things are funny but not in a sense of being a complete whore. GOD I HATE MY FUCKING GENDER!!! *sighs* I just need lay down and watch a movie or something... I just got word that my dad was sent to the E.R. so I have no clue what's going on with that. My mom's there right now and told me she'd call me and let me know what's wrong. She sounded upset. I just kinda wish I had something more to calm me down the stupid ass fuckin nicotine. Fuck cigs... it's just in no way compares the way a hug or a smile makes you feel a lil better and calm... which I don't have right now.
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